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ugh i’m sorry dude. i’m lucky enough to have a dash full of spoiler-taggers.

I have to admit that this fandom is improving a lot, considering how most of the mentions to “beta leak” were under readmores

but no, there’s always that ONE photoset or that ONE person who for SOME GODFORSAKEN REASON decides to readmore their post but puts spoilers on the tags

but thanks for the support. at least I’m being able to keep calm about this. kind of.

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punch em

I’m so fucking done with this it doesn’t matter how much I avoid spoilers there’s always that one person who completely ignores everything and shoves the canon names/appearances on your face

it doesn’t matter which fucking fandom I go to there’s always SOMEONE to ruin the fun of a surprise

I can tumblr savior EVERYTHING from update to update spoilers to spoilers to homestuck spoilers to just homestuck but it doesn’t fucking matter there’s always that ONE PERSON

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yesssssssssssss! join us

I am joining you yes!!!!!

I partially joined the fandom years ago tho, when I played apollo justice… but I don’t count that anymore, considering I only played the Kristoph-becomes-a-super-saiyan case partially (mostly to have base for the gavincest)


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sorry but the men-can’t-wear-women’s-clothes is definitely a thing enforced by men so they can shut it from that alone

not just that but it’s actually an issue of misoginy

men “can’t” wear women’s clothes and are judged by it because gay and/or feminine men are seen as weak because feminility is regarded as weak

which makes it even more retarded to try and say that defending men

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LMAO… wow

some of the listed reasons are “women only have to work 30 years to retire while men have to work 35”, “men have to enlist to the army when they reach 18 years and woman don’t have to”, “men can’t wear women’s clothes without being mocked and called faggots”, “women’s international day is celebrated, but men’s international day is barely remembered”, “men always have to take the initiative in relationships and parties to hook up and such”

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chase your enthusiasm for life is always a breath of fresh air

rofl thanks I try to live my life intensively because thats GOOD!!!!! for everyone involved! maybe thats why I’m stuck on semi-permanent good mood.

or maybe I’m psychotically happy, if that’s even a condition you can have. anyway its good to be your air ryoko. breathe me and live forever

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GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE

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omg. why is amon/lieutenant such a good pairing

I know right!!!! its just so right

not only because both of them are super hot but because thinking about everything that happens on the equalist background when they aren’t fucking around with benders is fun as hell. like imagine amon making lieutenant cook for him or something. and he makes him wear a “Kiss The Equalist” pink apron and all